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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Grade Appeals of F to a Productive Grade (A, B, C, etc.)

The following procedure applies to grade appeals of F to a Productive Grade (A, B, C, etc.) as well as to productive grade changes (for example, a C to a B) more than a year old:

  • The student should ask the instructor to complete a Grade Change Form (paper).and to send it to the advisor. These Grade Change Forms (paper) are available in the Registrar's Office and in most department offices. If the instructor no longer works at CSU, the student should consult with the chair, who may sign the Change of Grade Form on behalf of the instructor.
  • With an advisor's help, the student should also fill out the Grade Appeal Form and include any documentation, including the Grade Change Form, that may help the Academic Standards Committee reach a decision.
  • Because appeals are scanned, the advisor should not staple the form, explanation, and documents together but should use a gem clip or binder clip to secure them.
  • The student should not write on the backs of any pages or submit documentation with information on both sides of the page.
  • The advisor should take the signed form and any supporting documentation to the department chair for his/her signature.
  • The department chair should then take the completed Grade Change Form, the Grade Appeal Form, and supporting documentation to the Registrar, who will validate it and give it to the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee.

Grade Appeal Form