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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

To apply to teach interdisciplinary courses...

  • Freshman Learning Communities
  • International Learning Communities
  • Honors Core Courses
  • Honors Enrichment Courses

Use the following:

IPC Form

Fall 2013 Deadline:
Friday, January 25, 2013

Council Documents


Interdisciplinary Program Council

The Interdisciplinary Program Council (IPC) is comprised of leaders and directors of CSU programs that serve student and faculty across multiple colleges and disciplines. Formed to improve communication about unique opportunities for academic and leadership development, the IPC fosters professional growth of faculty members, facilitates interdisciplinary courses, and coordinates learning communities.

Members of the Interdisciplinary Program Council include:

  • Dr. Cindy Ticknor, Dean of the Honors Program, and IPC Chair,
  • LTC Carlos Lock, Director of Military Science
  • Mr. Mark Flynn, Dean of Libraries
  • Dr. Melody Shumaker, Director of the First Year Experience Program
  • Dr. Shamim Khan, Chair, Student Research & Creative Endeavors Committee
  • Dr. Eric Spears, Director of the Center for Global Engagement
  • Dr. Wendi Jenkins, Director of the Servant Leadership Program
  • Dr. Susan Hrach, Director of the Faculty Center