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Integrated Curriculum System

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General Information

  • The Integrated Curriculum System (ICS) was developed in 2003 by the Office of Academic Affairs, in collaboration with the University Curriculum Committee and Computer Information and Networking Services (CINS) to establish a uniform process for making changes to university curricula and to maintain a primary data source and history of those changes. Version 4.0, a major redesign of ICS, was introduced in 2008.
  • Using this system, a faculty member may propose new courses and changes to existing courses offered by their assigned department or another department. The order of approval and/or review of the change or proposal is: the curriculum committee of the department offering the course, the curriculum committee of the college over that department, the University Curriculum Committee, and, finally, the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Changes to the Core Curriculum also need approval from the University System of Georgia.
  • Any changes to the Core Curriculum (Areas A-F) and Wellness must receive approval from the University Curriculum Committee, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the University System of Georgia respectively before being implemented. Changes to curriculum in other areas must be presented as information to the UCC before going into effect.


Integrated Curriculum System, version 4.1
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