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Academic Affairs

Faculty Writing Fellowship

Fellowship Overview

The Academic Center for Tutoring coordinates the Faculty Writing Fellowship. The fellowship is intended to assist faculty with their efforts to use writing as a means of improving student engagement and learning in their courses.

For this competitive program, up to five faculty members will be selected as Faculty Writing Fellows for the academic year that follows the proposal deadline. Guided by a flexible syllabus, fellows will meet at least 4 times during the Fall semester and 1-2 times during Spring semester to discuss the most effective ways to incorporate and respond to student writing in their classrooms and develop assignments for the spring semester based on this discussion. Fellows will take on leading roles in faculty forums on the teaching of writing at CSU. Each fellow will receive a stipend of $1,500 - $2,500 (contingent upon number of accepted fellows) for the academic year.

I can testify to the positive, transformative effect the Fellowship had, and continues to have, on my teaching practice.

- Thomas Ganzevoort, 2012-13 Faculty Writing Fellow

Participating in the fellowship was a great professional development experience for me. I don't often have opportunities to talk at length about teaching writing with others. Being able to discuss challenges and ideas for teaching writing, as well as receive feedback on my writing assignments, was very helpful. I hope this fellowship continues for a long time. 

- Erinn Bentley, 2013-14 Faculty Writing Fellow

Deadline: May 31, 2019, 12 p.m.

To apply, complete Application for the Faculty Writing Fellowship


The Faculty Writing Fellows will meet as a peer group to discuss the research that substantiates the best practices for helping students develop as writers and to develop courses or initiatives that will support student learning and engagement at CSU. Dr. Rendleman will schedule and facilitate the group meetings.

Selected Faculty Writing Fellows agree to participate in the regular meetings; to teach during the Spring semester at least one class section with a significant emphasis on writing; to evaluate how their use of writing affects student learning in their classrooms; to contribute to the April Celebration of Student Writing; and to share their projects and their experiences with the campus community. Reading materials will be supplied.

Before applying for a fellowship, applicants must determine if they can commit to the following requirements.

  1. Fall meetings 3rd Friday of the month, 11 p.m.-1 p.m. 
  2. Drafting and revising writing (broadly defined) assignments, evaluation criteria, and assessment tools for meetings.
  3. Spring meetings 3rd Friday of the month in Feb., Mar., 11 p.m.-1 p.m. 
  4. Assign students from the Spring course related to the fellowship work to attend the Celebration of Student Writing , typically during the third week of April, on Friday.
  5. Attend with your students the Celebration of Student Writing .
  6. Complete a survey about your experience. 

If one fellow cannot attend a meeting, then the meeting is canceled and rescheduled until all fellows can attend. The stipend is significant compensation for time, effort, and thoughtful contributions. Please make arrangements with your chairs and other commitment leaders to allow time for fellows meetings and events. Attendance and participation in the fellows activities is directly tied to the stipend. If you find you cannot commit to these standards, then we will defer your fellowship for another period when you can commit. 


All CSU full-time, part-time, and library faculty members are eligible to apply for a Faculty Writing Fellowship. Former fellows must wait three full years before submitting a new proposal for the current CFP. The selection committee encourages faculty representing a range of disciplines to apply. Before TBD, each candidate should send a proposal that is 2 - 4 pages and includes a description of the teaching project he or she would like to undertake, as well as how you will assess the effectiveness of your project, addressed to Dr. Eliot Rendleman. Send the proposal as a Word document to

Fellowship proposals will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The proposal intends to implement innovative ideas and "writing" assignments or represents a new initiative.
  • The proposal demonstrates the potential to significantly impact on student learning.
  • The proposal presents a plan to evaluate the effects of writing on student learning.
  • The proposal is focused and coherent.
  • The proposal demonstrates a high growth potential/a strong contribution to the fellowship dynamic.

The proposed nature of the work is reviewed and judged to reflect the continued values and practices of the Writing the Solution Quality Enhancement Plan, such as, but not limited to, writing as discovery and learning, writing as a process, writing as a transformative learning experience, and writing as professionalization.

Other Faculty Development Opportunities

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