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Academic Affairs

Outstanding Teacher of Writing Award

The need to reinforce confidence in my students is an ongoing process. Therefore this award, though I'm honored to receive it, is only a milestone and not the finish line. - Dr. Tom Delaney, Department of English, 2012-2013 OTWA Winner

The Academic Center for Tutoring coordinates the Outstanding Teacher of Writing Award. The award is aimed at encouraging faculty, especially those teaching core courses in General Education, to use writing across the curriculum as a best practice for student engagement and learning, a goal similar to that of the Faculty Writing Fellowship.

The award is presented to faculty members who demonstrate a positive impact on the writing of individual students and on the culture and curriculum of writing at CSU. The award includes a $1,000 stipend for each recipient. The maximum number of awards is five, and no more than two awards will be given to any one college.

Nomination Deadline: Before 12 p.m., April 8

Nomination Form

About Nominating

Nominations will be accepted from faculty, students, and staff. Self-nominations are also encouraged.

Nominations should include specific evidence of outstanding teaching from the nominator's perspective, including, but not limited to 1) statements on the effect of the writing curriculum on the lives of the nominee's students, 2) descriptions of effective writing assignments, 3) observations on how the nominee's teaching of writing has improved his or her classes and contributed to a culture of learning and writing on our campus. Former award winners must wait at least three full years between OTWA opportunities.

Winner Selection

Winners are selected from nomination pools of each college/library. Colleges/the library must have two or more nominees for the individuals to be considered for the award. Default winners (only one nominee from the college) will not be considered. Individuals with the most nominations that adhere to the criteria list above in "About Nominating" will win the award. Ties are broken by requesting additional supporting materials and allowing a selection committee of previous winners to determine the winner.

Recognition of Award

Recipients of the award are honored at the Celebration of Student Writing , which occurs in the second or third week of April.

Other Faculty Development Opportunities

To learn about other faculty development opportunities, please visit the following: Faculty Writing Fellowship.