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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Apply to Present at CSU Tower Day

CSU undergraduates from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals online to present research, scholarly activities, and creative endeavors at CSU Tower Day, April 18, 2019.


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Prior to submitting your proposal, you should review past abstracts, last year's program, award-winning presentations, and examples of posters to better understand the scope and the depth of the presentations. You will need to submit the following information during the online process, much of which may be cut or pasted from text documents:

 Required Information:

  • Project Title & Brief Description that will be printed in the program (50-word limit)
  • Project Abstract (250-word limit)
  • Mode of Presentation (e.g. Poster, 20-minute presentation)
  • Equipment needs (e.g. DVD, PowerPoint)
  • Full names and academic level of all student collaborators
  • Full name and departments of all faculty mentors

Other Information:

(The following responses will not impact whether or not your project is selected for Tower Day)


What if I have classes on Thursdays?

All presenters will be issued an excused absence to attend the event (much like a field trip). If you have extenuating circumstances, notify Professor Israel (, and she will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Who should be the lead presenter?

If you are presenting a group project, you should select someone who will be responsible for all correspondence with the event.

Who should be the primary faculty mentor?

The primary faculty member will be copied on all correspondences and will be the first mentor listed. If several faculty mentors have assisted you, discuss this issue with them. In general, you should select a faculty member in the department the project is predominantly based and one who devoted the greatest amount of time to the project. All faculty mentors will be recognized and formally thanked.

Should I do a poster or presentation?

Poster sessions consist of a collection of student projects presented concurrently in a room with projects in the same discipline. Students present their work on tri-boards or posters (sample posters or award winning posters) and spend an hour talking to small groups who circulate throughout the room. This is a great way for students to interact personally with their audience and ideal for those who are hesitant to talk in front of a larger group. See samples & learn more.

Presentations may take the form of 15-minute lectures or performances, often utilizing Power Point technology. Students may elect to provide hand outs.