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Academic Affairs

Tower Day Instructor Resources

Tower Day is designed not only to showcase undergraduate scholarship but to also inspire students at all levels to engage in academics through research, critique, and creative endeavors. CSU professors are encouraged to create meaningful class assignments that require undergraduates to attend Tower Day so that they may be exposed to research designs and ideas.

Sample Assignments

Below are two examples of assignments that may be incorporated into introductory courses in all disciplines. Instructors are encouraged to use or adapt them as they deem appropriate. All students should be reminded to be professional and supportive of undergraduate researchers while collecting information for any assignment. Instructors who are willing to share their assignments on this website should email Professor Hannah Israel at 

Research Design Assignment

Research utilizes a variety of approaches to collect and analyze data. This assignment is designed to conduct a review of the research design of three research projects presented at CSU Tower Day. Select three posters within your discipline and for each poster collect the project name, research question, data collection process, and method of analysis. Interview the researcher(s) to determine:

  • What was the researcher's rationale for the design of their research project?
  • Did they consider other methods for answering their research question?
  • What did they view as the strengths and weaknesses of their project?
  • If they had to do the project again, what changes would they make?

Prepare a 3-5 page paper summarizing each project and providing an analysis of the similarities and differences in the projects.

Research Critique Assignment

In class, we have reviewed many methods used in research in our discipline and have noted that researchers may utilize different yet valid approaches to answering research questions. In this assignment, you should identify a research project presented at CSU Tower Day, provide a detailed description of the research question and methodology, write of critique of the design, and propose an alternative approach to answering the same or similar research question. Recall that critiques may include strengths and weaknesses in the research. Your task is not to improve a peer's research project but to provide an alternative approach that can be compared and contrasted to the original project.