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Poster Presentations: Description and Guidelines

Poster Session Guidelines Poster Session Main Campus

Meg Rynearson poster sessionPoster sessions consist of a collection of student projects presented concurrently in a room with projects in the same discipline. Students present their work on tri-boards or large posters and spend an hour talking to small groups who circulate throughout the room. This is a great way for students to interact personally with their audience and ideal for those who are hesitant to talk in front of a larger group.

Poster Examples Award Winning Posters Guidelines

Poster Examples

Petrography of an Unknown Granitoid Body in the Blue Ridge of Northwest Georgia
Presenter: Darren Pearce
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Clinton I. Barineau
Link to Pearce Poster

Effects of Natural Anti-inflammatory Agents on Toll-Like Receptor 2
Expression: Implications for Lyme Neuroborreliosis Response
Presenter: Jennifer Silvers
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kathleen Hughes
Link to Silvers Poster

The Paleontological Age of the Erin Slate, Northeast AL

Presenter: Samantha Harrell
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Clint Barineau
Link to Harrell Poster

Investigation of Toxic Heavy Metals in the Soils of Children's
Environments in Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL
Presenter: Heather Boyette
Faculty Sponser: Dr. Samuel Abegaz
Link to Boyette Poster


Posters may be created from tri-boards or large format posters printed by the Copy Center/ CSU Printing Services located on the first floor of Davidson. Large format poster printing is completed at a nominal cost, which is often funded by academic departments. Upon acceptance to Tower Day, students intending to use this resource should bring their posters saved on a Thumb Drive or otherwise electronically to the Copy Center. Printing Services asks that the File be saved in the Dimensions that it is to be printed on. They can also mount the large poster to a board, but this will take longer. For Tower Day, the physical poster may not exceed a five foot width**. A recommended size is four feet in width and three feet in height; however, standard sizes may vary by discipline.  Consult with your mentor on this. The electronic file used to produce the poster must be submitted to Printing Services no later than April 7, 2017 in order for it to be printed prior to Tower Day.

**If students have or are planning to produce posters for other conferences or meetings that adhere to differing specifications, please contact the Honors College Office (706-507-8776) for approval to utilize your existing poster.

 Check out this ACT resources on putting together a poster!

Want help designing or proof-reading your poster? Visit The Writing Center located in Woodall.