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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Request for Special Use of General Academic Classrooms

This form is for use by CSU faculty and staff.
Student Organizations, Clubs, or any other third-party requests must go through its Faculty Advisor.

For a list of general academic classrooms that you may reserve with this form, go to For other rooms, including conference rooms and computer labs, contact the college or department that manages the room. Building coordinates

Start of scheduling events for Spring Term - November 1st.

Start of scheduling events for Summer and Fall Terms - April 1st.

Allow a minimum of two to three business days between your reservation and the activity. You will receive a detailed e-mail confirmation of your reservation once it has been scheduled. It is the requesters' responsibility to review the email and confirmation. In some cases, if the preferred space is not available an alternative will be reserved. The requester can change the request at any time by replying to the confirmation email.

Fields in red and marked with an * are required.

You must select a college and department OR enter the name of an organization. *

Use the CTRL key to select more than one room.

Room Setup and AV Equipment Needs: