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Scholastic Honors Convocation

Scholastic Honors Convocation Timeline

Dates Milestones Notes
05/30/1985 First Dated "Scholastic Honors Convocation" School Name was Columbus College. Scholastic Honors Convocation ceremony was held in Fine Arts Hall Auditorium.      
5/20/1988 Fourth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" Invitations were sent to award recipients with ribbons attached. Ribbon symbolized academic excellence and were to be worn during SHC ceremony. 
6/3/1994 Tenth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" CSU Clock Tower logo was added to SHC program cover design.  
5/2/1997 Thirteenth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" Columbus College is renamed to Columbus State University. SHC program now reflects the CSU Primus Inter Pares logo.  
5/4/2003 Nineteenth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" SHC program cover displays a new impact by changing the cover design to the cup. Csu Clocktower logo is added back to the bottom of program cover. Ceremony location changed to Legacy Hall- River Center for the Performing Arts. 
4/11/2008 Twenty Fourth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" CSU's 50th Anniversary logo is added to SHC program design. Ceremony is moved to University Hall Auditorium.
4/17/2009 Twenty Fifth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" SHC Program logo image has changed back to CSU Clock Tower Logo.
4/15/2011 Twenty Seventh "Scholastic Honors Convocation" CSU Clock Tower logo image is refined. 
4/17/2015 Last Held "Scholastic Honors Convocation" Time and date of SHC ceremony has moved to the bottom of the cover design beside the CSU Clock Tower logo.